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Zynk is a robot who joins the force in Shining Force II. He is an invention made by the ancients. He is found in Moun protecting the village people from monsters. Once the player decides to leave Moun, Zynk decides to come along. He joins the force as a fighter once he witnesses the death of Sir Pietro in the town of Roft, saying that he is angered and overriding his restrictions on fighting. He has much knowledge of the ancients, and he teaches Bowie how to fly the Nazca ship back to Grans Island.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Zynk is a powerful melee fighter with strong defense and attack. This is offset by his woefully short movement range. Much like fellow latecomer Claude, Zynk almost requires movement boosting effects to become a strong participant in battle, but if he can keep up with the pack, he proves his worth in combat.


Post-Promotion: Robot (RBT)

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