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The goal of Enigmo is to fill each container (water, oil, and lava) with 40 drops of its respective liquid by guiding the droplets from a source to a container using various tools. Depending on the level, the player may need to fill only the water container, or water and oil, or all three. All fluids are expressed as droplets which may be maneuvered by various tools which bounce, slide, launch, or collate the droplets along user-controlled paths around various obstacles which also bounce, slide, or even absorb the droplets.  Initially, only 5 levels are available, but as each level is completed, another is unlocked.


At the beginning of each level is an automatic tour of the source and destination, and the user may move the camera around the level to inspect the obstacles, but as soon as the level begins (that is, once the player begins to place objects in the stage), the bonus counter begins to count down to zero.  If the solution is not implemented before the bonus is depleted, no score will be gained for that level.


The player places various tools around the board to direct each of the three liquids to its respective destination. These tools are limited in number and type in each level, and include springboards which redirect the momentum of the liquid at an angle by "bouncing" and may boost the momentum by a little or a lot; short or long slides, which simply redirect the direction of the liquid without modifying its momentum; the sponge, which absorbs all momentum and then drops the liquid straight down when the saturation point is reached; and the particle accelerator, which greatly increases the momentum of any droplets that enter it from the correct angle.  Although the game claims to be in 3D, it is actually played in only two dimensions, although the tools and obstacles are all rendered in three dimensions.

Playstation Network Releases

On February 28, 2011, Enigmo was released on Playstation Network as one of the "Playstation minis", playable on either the PS3 or PSP.  It was initially free for Playstation Plus members, and is currently available to everyone for $3.99.  This version of the game is credited to Pangea Software and Beatshapers.

Windows Phone 7 Release

 On April 22, 2011 Enigmo was released for the Windows Phone 7 platform. The Windows Phone 7 port was developed by Microsoft Game Studios and features Xbox Live integration.

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