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Die Hard is a PC Engine exclusive top-down shooter that plays similarly to Capcom's Commando. As John McClane, it is the player's job to stop the terrorists that have taken over Nakatomi Plaza in downtown LA, as per the plot of the 1988 movie upon which the game is based.

The game takes several liberties with the source material, starting McClane off in what appears to be a jungle before moving him to a Vietnamese river full of tall bamboo before finally reaching the basement of Nakatomi Plaza.


McClane can fire in eight directions, once he finds a weapon, and can move and jump through each of the game's top-down stages. Occasionally, he'll need to use his jump to avoid obstacles on the ground, such as pitfalls. He can gain extra armor by finding colored vests; once he's low on health, he'll lose the standard white vest to reveal an injured torso.

As well as the basic machine gun and shotgun, John can also find weapons with a lot more power but far smaller ammunition counts such as flamethrowers and rocket launchers.


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