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Eternal Step is an action / adventure rogue-like from first time developers Once More With Gusto, published by Green Man Loaded. The game was released on PC, Mac and Linux on 16th October 2015.


Eternal Step combines elements of rogue-likes with twitch based combat. Each run in the game will allow the player level up, earn loot cards and save skills and equipment for the next run. This differs from the usual rogue-like progression that would require a restart with basic equipment.

New enemies in the game will be introduced as the players make their way through the game, learning new attacks as the game gets harder. Levels are presented randomly as the player progresses through the tower.

Additionally, there are are number of alternative floors in the tower - Survival, Treasure, Challenge and Change floors.

Survival floors involve holding out against an assault of enemies or bullets against a time limit, and are rewarded with loot upon successfully completing the level.

Treasure floors could range from smashing up a cart in a time limit, to smashing up as many pots as you can. Generally these will reward you with loot cards.

Challenge and Change floors are small modifiers to the combat. Challenges encourage to play you in a different way to get a reward, such as not using a potion or not using block. Change floors will change things like removing traps from the level, or giving all enemies triple health points.

In addition, seasonal monsters have been added to the game. For example, for Halloween, pumpkins were featured on a number of floors. If the player were to smash the correct one, it will change the floor to a pumpkin theme, kill all enemies on that level, and you will face the Halloween "Jack O' Lantern" boss on the next floor. Killing that boss will reward you with a special monster card.

Loot Cards

The game presents equipment drops by the way of 'cards'. When the player collect a card, they are presented with a number of options at the end of the floor. The player can either store the card, which will allow them to use it from the start of the game, or equip the card immediately.

If a card is found with a weapon skill, the player can choose to equip that to their current card, or store the skill like one would a loot card.

Additionally, Monster cards can be found. These provide modifiers to combat, and can help the player fight their way through the tower.


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