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 Alex The Allegator 4 was developed and released by Free Lunch Design in 2003. Design, graphics and code was made by Johan Peitz, music and sound by Anders Svensson.


 You play as Alex the Allegator, and have to make your way through the jungle in order to save your kidnapped girlfriend Lola. She has been kidnapped by the humans, who flew into the jungle in a helicopter, and captured her in a cage right infront of your nose. They want to turn her into a pair of shoes. 


 Look at the omnomnomnomnomnom!
 Look at the omnomnomnomnomnom!
 Alex the Allegator 4 is a platformer where you have to run and jump through a jungle landscape. You have no other means of defending yourself than with jumps. Any enemy you land on will be crushed under you, but pops back up after a short while. That is, unless you eat him, which can only be done when he is crushed. 
You can collect fruits and stars to gain points, and hearts for health. If an enemy hits you, you lose one heart.  


 Included in the game itself is a level editor, so that you may create your own levels and play them.


Even though the Free Lunch Design site has Alex The Allegator 4, and Alex The Allegator 2 available for download, nr 1 and nr 3 in the series has not been released.
Also, while these games have the same name, they are very different, with Alex The Allegator 4 being a platformer, and Alex The Allegator 2 being a puzzle game.



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