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SolSeraph from ACE Team tells a story of creation. Sky Father and Earth Mother drive away the Chaos and make the world of SolSeraph. Once the world and cosmos were created they left it in the hands of humans. The Younger Gods resented that humans were given the gifts of storytelling and memory so they fought back with natural disasters to scatter the humans across the world. The Knight of Dawn, Helios, a demigod decided to help humanity.

As Helios, the player helps the humans navigate the traps set by the Younger Gods. Helios can fly overhead and watch over the villages, helping the humans grow and resist their enemies.

Game Modes


In strategy mode, Helios guides each tribe in many ways that are recognizable to anyone who's played a strategy game. He can also transform the weather in beneficial ways. As the cities grow, they will gain knowledge which Helios can share with the other tribes. The enemies of man will not stop and each village will need to bolster themselves to keep their enemies at bay while protecting their bonfire, the center of every tribe's village.

A fog of war will darken the map but building temples will bring the light and reveal the enemies of humanity. Helios will need to defeat the creatures to keep humanity safe.


In action mode, Helios will attack the creatures at the source using his sword, shield, and magical archery. There will be many obstacles in Helios' way but he will need to tackle them all, even destroying the dark fog itself. Finally, he will find the lair of the Younger God and destroy it to bring peace to the area. As he defeats each Younger God he will learn new abilities and grow stronger with each victory.


  • Plains of Widhu
  • Sekh Desert
  • Mount Agnir
  • Arunan Isles
  • Vale of Yeg

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