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Fault is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Strange Matter Studios in Unreal Engine 4. Players enter a 5v5 online match, where they choose a character from a determined list to play. The hero is upgradeable over the course of the game, growing levels through acquired experience and buying items with earned gold. The game is completed once one team has destroyed the other teams "core," or base. The player is then awarded account XP which unlocks awards as they level their account, as well as Matter, which is used to unlock new heroes and cosmetics.

A unique gameplay element that separates Fault from other MOBAs is the introduction of a "feats" system, which allows a player to gain strength by achieving milestones during gameplay. Many "feats" are tied to objectives on the map, but also include kills and assists and last hits on minions. Achieving feats unlocks favor which can be put into the faction or factions the player choose at the beginning of the game. The amount of favor in each faction will modulate the amount of power that Faction's legendary items will give.

The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and uses a combination of custom assets designed in the studio, as well as marketplace assets from the Unreal Engine marketplace.


  • Two universes are colliding, creating a powerful rift of energy at their confluence.

  • The rift attracts powerful beings such as the Prime Guardian and Reavers (also known as raptors), which feed on the rift and fight away those who would also draw from its power.

  • The rift alters space and time, allowing beings killed nearby to return when enough power has accumulated to bring them back. Upon discovering the rift’s power, the inhabitants of the universes came to explore and subsequently, begin harvesting its power.

  • Cores are advanced technologies built by the inhabitants of the universes that can harvest energy from major sources of cosmic radiation, which the Rift produces in abundance.

  • The two universes compete for control over the rift to prevent their universes from being destroyed by the confluence and each other.


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