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Rogue Company is a team-based multiplayer shooter developed by First Watch Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game entered the closed beta phase on July 20, 2020, beta keys were randomly given out via Twitch streams and other giveaways, with a full release on September 30, 2020.


Players split off into two teams of Rogues each and choose from one of their unlocked characters that have not been taken by another teammate. The teams start off in dropships on opposite sides of a map, and must either eliminate the enemy team or complete the objective (depending on the mode) to win a round, and must win enough rounds to win the game.

Characters who have their HP depleted will usually be put in a downed state where they can be revived and brought back into the fight if another teammate is able to do so before the enemy finishes them or they bleed out.

Game Modes

  • Tutorial: Players play Ronin and learn the basics of the game from Dima. Later on, players can pick any unlocked Rogue and test them out on a firing range.
  • Demolition: Currently the standard 4v4 competitive mode, one team must carry a bomb to one of two sites on the map, set it up, and defend it from the enemy team who will attempt to defuse it. Either team can win the round by wiping out the enemy team before the bomb is planted. First to 7 rounds wins.
  • Strikeout: Another 4v4 mode where both teams fight to hold a rotating control point. Each team has 12 Tickets. Tickets can be depleted by eliminating enemy team members or holding the control point for 30 seconds apiece. Once a team is out of Tickets, they can no longer respawn and will be on their last lives. First to win 3 rounds (by wiping out the enemy team or having more Tickets after 5 minutes) wins the match.
  • Extraction: A 4v4 "King of the Hill" type of mode where each team will attempts to activate a neutral device and defend it, or eliminate the enemy team.
  • Wingman: A 2v2 mode.


Each Rogue can buy and equip one primary weapon (rifle, SMG, shotgun), a secondary weapon (pistol), a melee weapon, and one of two consumable gadgets. Each Rogue also has Active and Passive abilities that are unique to their character.


Rogues who focus on securing objectives and chokepoints, slowing the enemy's advance.

  • Anvil: Deploys a large Barricade capable of taking a lot of punishment.
  • Trench: Throws Barbed Wire Grenades that greatly slow down enemy movement.
  • Vy: Creates a deadly pool of poison that can reduce an enemy's maximum health.


Rogues who punch through enemy defenses and gadgets.

  • Dima: Carries a special launcher that fires MIRV grenades, covering a small area in explosions.
  • Gl1tch: Can detect nearby enemy gadgets, even through walls, and can jam an enemy's abilities for a short period.


Rogues who can spot enemy gadgets or positions in an instant.

  • Dallas: Reveals the closest enemy to him to his team for a short duration.
  • Talon: Throws a Radar Dart that can attach to any surface and reveal nearby enemies.


Rogues who focus on eliminating enemies.

  • Chaac: Can overheal himself or revive himself from a Downed state with a single-use Stimpack.
  • Lancer: "Quick and Quiet" gives her increased speed, softer steps, and immunity from revealing abilities until firing her weapon or a timer expires.
  • Ronin: Throws a special Ballistic Knife that works as a sticky proximity bomb, detonating when an enemy comes nearby. The knife can be shot from a distance.
  • Scorch: Can Overheat herself to set enemies on fire with her weapon attacks for a limited time.


Rogues who excel at dealing long-range damage.

  • Phantom: Throws a Nano Smoke grenade that can reveal enemies in the area to her team.
  • The Fixer: Wears thermal vision goggles that allow him to see heat signatures of enemies for a short period.


Rogues who provide buffs and healing to their allies.

  • Dahlia: Can link with one ally for the duration of the round, able to start reviving them if they are downed within 30m and inherit their Passive Ability while they are alive.
  • Saint: Sends out a Revive Drone capable of reviving one downed ally per round.

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