007: Agent Under Fire

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Nov 13, 2001

    Agent Under Fire is a game released by EA under the James Bond license. It was the first James Bond game released for the then new generation of consoles.

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    Not a popular title but incredibly unique 0

    Game play: I have really liked 007: Agent Under Fire because I have beaten the game on the Xbox and now the PlayStation 2. The storyline is based on an enemy cloning world leaders in order to use a nuclear weapon, very unique plot for the story. Going through the campaign is a breeze and its short because there's only 12 missions and they aren't long. I appreciate the variety in the 12 missions, you will go in a lot of places around the world; South China Sea, Switzerland, Romania and many more....

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    Not Given Enough Credit 0

    For a Gamecube game its as expected definitely not next gen quality but as an old nostalgia FPS Bond game its as good as a gamecube FPS could be. It seemed like if your into old style multiplayer split screen or Attacking clumsy AI attackers you would like it. the Game is fairly enjoyable with a good story and some driving missions but don't expect so much out of the game after all it is very dated but at the time was a step up from N64 Golden eye there are some glitchy areas in the game where y...

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    Intense Shooter 0

    Game-play This game is a good james bond games it has 12 good missions a good storyline and every mission is fun. This game has a bad enemy AI in the game but its not that bad. Multi-player is fun thats where i spend all my hours trough this game multi-player has allot of maps and game modes and also you can play with bots. In single-player you can drive cars in a couple of missions thats the best part of the game where you can drive cars. This game has good multi-player and single-player. I thi...

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    For Your GAMING ENJOYMENT Only 0

    I accidentally played this after Nightfire, having come to believe that Nightfire came out first. That I was mistaken was immediately obvious upon booting it up, since Agent Under Fire is even more old fashioned than the already quite prehistoric Nightfire. Even though it's a PS2/Gamecube game, the default controls are based on N64's Goldeneye, where you're expected to use the left stick to turn instead of strafe. A dual analog preset exists, but the game's not set up to accommodate that control...

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    Looks good plays bad 0

    James Bond 007 in Agent under Fire has an original story in the game. The story about stopping an evil organization from cloning world leaders, very good story would like to see it be made in to a movie. The game play is bad at most places, for example the A.I. I could be beside a bad guy and shoot him once he won’t move. The worst thing on the game is the bullet. One problem is the bullet speed just looks to slow. In the game there are objects that you can shoot down for example in the first mi...

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