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Not Given Enough Credit

For a Gamecube game its as expected definitely not next gen quality but as an old nostalgia FPS Bond game its as good as a gamecube FPS could be. It seemed like if your into old style multiplayer split screen or Attacking clumsy AI attackers you would like it. the Game is fairly enjoyable with a good story and some driving missions but don't expect so much out of the game after all it is very dated but at the time was a step up from N64 Golden eye there are some glitchy areas in the game where you may find your self thinking why was this not seen by Developers, but all in all you have to keep in mind that it was made before the standards for gaming had changed into something more graphically and multiplayer based. So all in all if your very into the bond series and like old school video games you very well may enjoy sitting down and seeing a piece of history. There are a wide variety in weapons and secrets to find thru the story mode and in multiplayer a wide span of maps and hours of fun with friends or by you self playing computer players. Also has many different modes capture the flag, death match, team death match etc etc
old game Not necessarily bad

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    For Your GAMING ENJOYMENT Only 0

    I accidentally played this after Nightfire, having come to believe that Nightfire came out first. That I was mistaken was immediately obvious upon booting it up, since Agent Under Fire is even more old fashioned than the already quite prehistoric Nightfire. Even though it's a PS2/Gamecube game, the default controls are based on N64's Goldeneye, where you're expected to use the left stick to turn instead of strafe. A dual analog preset exists, but the game's not set up to accommodate that control...

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