007: Agent Under Fire

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Nov 13, 2001

    Agent Under Fire is a game released by EA under the James Bond license. It was the first James Bond game released for the then new generation of consoles.

    razr95's 007: Agent Under Fire (PlayStation 2) review

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    Not a popular title but incredibly unique

    Game play: I have really liked 007: Agent Under Fire because I have beaten the game on the Xbox and now the PlayStation 2. The storyline is based on an enemy cloning world leaders in order to use a nuclear weapon, very unique plot for the story. Going through the campaign is a breeze and its short because there's only 12 missions and they aren't long. I appreciate the variety in the 12 missions, you will go in a lot of places around the world; South China Sea, Switzerland, Romania and many more. When finishing one mission you can't help but to just proceed throughout the game. Although this title is not popular and not many people can endure to even finish the game because the graphics are not at the best result for the year, but in terms of game play this tile is very impressive and it just takes the right audience for enjoying 007: Agent Under Fire. Not very much negative feedback can be said from me, this game is very accessible, addicting, simple, and in all unique and plus at this date this game can be bought at 3$ so even if the buyer is not satisfied from the game its still worth the try. Multi-player feauture is very delicate especially playing with a sibling or a friend is quite fun and I spent lots of hours into it. The controls in the game are hard to get used to because there is so many things to use in the game that it gets confusing, the controls could've been improved to make the experience more comfortable.

    Graphics: Unique in the sense of graphics not even close, the visuals in this game are laughably weak, the AI saying the same sentence "Get Back Here, Move it" throughout the hole game can be very ridiculous and monotone. The biggest fix that could've been made in this game would be; better visuals, improved voice-acting, and third of all more realism.

    Sound: As expected from a James Bond game the sound and music are always kick-ass and I wasn't disappointed by it. The 3 seconds of music when you accomplish a bond move is very well gifted. The voice overs as said earlier could've been improved because some games that are older than 2002 have better voice acting than this title.

    Overall: 007: Agent Under Fire is a game that may not satisfy everyone with no doubt, real fans of James Bond will appreciate this one and I have as well because its like no other James Bond title, its very different.


    +Great Storyline

    +12 Intense Varied Missions

    +Addicting Multi-Player

    +Worth the value payed for

    Negative -

    -Graphics are under rated

    -Voice acting is poorly done

    -Controls are Lackluster

    -AI is not very solid

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      Looks good plays bad 0

      James Bond 007 in Agent under Fire has an original story in the game. The story about stopping an evil organization from cloning world leaders, very good story would like to see it be made in to a movie. The game play is bad at most places, for example the A.I. I could be beside a bad guy and shoot him once he won’t move. The worst thing on the game is the bullet. One problem is the bullet speed just looks to slow. In the game there are objects that you can shoot down for example in the first mi...

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