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One of my Favorites

Game play This game is a good modern style shooter game i think its one of the best james bond game ever because in the game there's about 32 missions and this is the first james bond game where you can drive motorcycle's car's trucks and a helicopter i think thats the best part of the game. All the missions has allot of action and this game never gets boring. Overall the game is good but multi-player is pretty boring you get to play some bonus missions and its pretty hard to play it. I think you should spend all your time on single player for this game.

Graphics The graphics are suprising for an xbox game i think this game has the best graphics compared to any game.

Sound The Music and the sound is good all the guns sound real and the music in the game is the best for a james bond game i think you'll be impressed for the music. And the explosions sound pretty real.

I reccomend this game for every one even people that never tried the james bond game series. And for people that likes cars this is the game that you should be looking for and one thing i forgot to tell you in this game there's a mission where you get to do a race with rally cars !!!!

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     Everything or Nothing can be considered the best Bond game since GoldenEye 007.  The game has a lot going for it: high production value, gameplay variety, decent controls.  It's not without its problems, however.The storyline is pretty generic Bond: crazy rich villain wants to take over the world, only he's using tiny nanobots to destroy the opposition.  Bond, along with the requisite hottie, must stop him using all manner of ways.  The difference between this and most games is the high number ...

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    The previous two EA-developed Bond games for the PS2 generation had a problem. They were stuck in the past, copying an old Nintendo 64 game while their contemporaries passed them up. By 2004, with Halo 2, Half Life 2, and Doom 3 on the horizon, something had to change. So, at last, EA ditched Goldeneye as its chief creative vehicle and instead chose to copy a completely different Nintendo 64 game.Everything or Nothing is heavily inspired by the game WinBack. If you don't know what WinBack is, it...

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