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    007: Nightfire

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released Nov 18, 2002

    A James Bond first-person shooter from Eurocom.

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    007: Nightfire is the second first person shooter video game published by Electronic Arts based on James Bond.

    Although Pierce Brosnan appears on the cover of the game, and the James Bond model bears his likeness, Bond is actually voiced by Maxwell Caulfield, whose vocal performance is not based on Brosnan.


    The story follows James Bond as he tries to thwart the plan of Raphael Drake, a green industrialist whose ulterior motives are to take over the world. Founder of the Phoenix International Corporation, Drake has been entrusted with dismantling warheads throughout the world. Although his efforts are purportedly philanthropic, Intelligence suspects that Drake is organizing the theft of a secret component of the missile guidance hardware intended for the U.S. Space Weapons Platform. With the help from Q and other key agents, James Bond must travel to exotic locales, including under water and to space, in order to stop Drake before he succeeds in taking over the world.


    This game takes place in a first-person perspective, though a few sequences switch to third-person, such as when Bond performs a special move or takes control of vehicles and remote-controlled gadgets. James Bond must fight his way through various types of enemies using a variety of weapons and gadgets. Since the game does not use a regenerating health mechanic, it is helpful to collect body armor, which reduces the damage taken during firefights. Similarly to James Bond video games in the past, you get to carry many weapons at once, including pistols, machine guns, explosives , and gadgets.



    • Wolfram PP7 - This small, semi-automatic handgun is supremely accurate and can be fitted with a silencer for the utmost stealth.
    • Golden PP7 - The Golden PP7 provides all the amenities of its predecessor with twice the power.
    • Wolfram P2K - The Wolfram P2K is a very accurate weapon that can be equipped with a laser sight and removable silencer.
    • Golden P2K - Just as reliable as the Wolfram P2K, the Golden P2K offers twice the firepower.
    • Kowloon Type 40 - This reliable handgun can be set to fire three rounds with every pull of the trigger.
    • Raptor Magnum - This heavy caliber handgun is a powerful ally. The clip size is low but some models come with a laser sight which makes them more accurate but takes a little longer to aim.

    Machine Guns

    • Deutsche M9K - This very accurate submachine gun can be equipped with a silencer and is ideal for covert missions.
    • Storm M9-32 - This reliable, lightweight machine gun has a large clip but low accuracy.
    • Suisse SG5 Commando - This compact assault rifle has a high rate of fire, but can be switched to a more accurate 3-round burst. It also comes equipped with a telescopic sight.
    • Advanced Individual Munitions System-20 (AIMS-20) - The AIMS-20 is an advanced military weapons system. It is fitted with a computerized telescopic sight and can be switched between a powerful rifle firing 3-round bursts or a fast-firing grenade launcher.


    • Korsakov K5 Dart Gun - This weapon fires a dart capable of temporarily tranquilizing an opponent. Its capacity is five rounds.
    • Frinesi Automatic 12 - This shotgun's larger capacity and higher rate of fire make it an effective combat weapon.
    • Winter Tactical Sniper Rifle - This extremely powerful but slow firing weapon possesses a small clip and a massive zoom with telescopic sight.
    • Winter Covert Sniper - The standard bolt-action issue of the British Army is fitted with an integral silencer and comes equipped with a powerful telescopic sight.
    • Militek Mark 6 Multi Grenade Launcher - This semi-automatic grenade launcher fires explosive projectiles which can be set to explode on contact or after a time delay.
    • AT-420 Sentinel - The warheads on this portable missile launcher can breach tank armor. It can be fired either camera-guided or unguided.
    • AT400 Scorpion - This missile launcher can eject rapid-fire missiles without any guidance or fire single heat-seeking missiles which track their target automatically. Use these against large slow-moving targets like vehicles.
    • Delta Repeater Crossbow - A magazine-fed, pump action crossbow with a telescopic sight, the Delta Repeater Crossbow is totally silent and highly damaging, but takes some skill to use at range.
    • Phoenix Samurai Laser Rifle - Each shot from this experimental weapon generates a great amount of heat and requires a cooling time. Alternate fire mode is a single shot which takes time to charge up and instantly overheats the weapon but does massive damage.


    • Fragmentation Grenade - This explosive grenade injures anyone within its blast radius.
    • Smoke Grenade - The smoke grenade produces a cloud of smoke that upsets enemy aim and cloaks movement.
    • Flash Bang Grenade - The grenade temporarily blinds and stuns opponents.
    • Satchel Charge - This plastic explosive can be placed on an object and detonates on a timer.
    • Remote Mine - The remote mine sticks to any surface and can be detonated from a safe distance.
    • Laser Trip Bomb - This laser-activated bomb explodes when someone crosses its beam. Shooting these bombs causes them to explode.


    • Key Fob Stunner - Your car keys have been altered into an electric stunner. This device holds a small charge that can temporarily immobilize an enemy at close range. Use it wisely-it must recharge after each use.
    • Wristwatch Laser - Your watch has been fitted with a small focused laser. It's not very effective against enemies, but it-ll do the trick on locks and wires.
    • Grapple - Q has converted your cell phone into a personal grappling hook. Aim it at a suitable surface and fire-it should carry you right to your target.
    • Micro Camera - Compact and discreetly disguised as a lighter, the Micro Camera takes pictures very quickly. You can also use it as a telescopic device for pure surveillance.
    • Vision Enhancement Glasses - These glasses enhance ambient light and have thermal-imaging capabilities for viewing in near-infrared light or through thin surfaces.
    • Q-Worm - Uploading this program into a computer allows Q-Branch to remotely access encrypted data on a target system.
    • Decryptor - Disguised as a common palmtop computer, this sophisticated micro-computer allows you to bypass electronic locks.
    • Phoenix Ronin - Created by Phoenix, the Ronin is a rapid-fire auto cannon disguised as a suitcase. Once deployed, it automatically detects and fires at any movement in front of it. Pressing Fire again will allow you to remotely control the gun yourself..
    • Shaver Grenade - This shaver can be used as a remote-detonated flash bang grenade.


    • Zoe Nightshade - An old ally and rising CIA field agent. She has great driving skills and an extensive knowledge of vehicles.
    • Alura McCall - An operative to MI6 agents based in Tokyo. She very adept with firearms, as she helps you deal with weapons throughout the game.
    • Dominique Paradis - An undercover agent of the French Intelligence, she manages to infiltrate Drake's organization and help Bond from the inside.


    • Raphael Drake - The main antagonist, Drake is a smart and cunning businessman whose goal is to blow up the earth.
    • Armitage Rook - Raphael Drake’s head of security. A strong man of determined will, Armitage seems to be able to survive anything, as you’ll find that he “comes back from the dead” multiple times in the game.
    • Alexander Mayhew - Overseer of Phoenix Corp.’s Japanese holding, who seems to have full knowledge of Drake’s plans.
    • Makiko Hayashi - A fiercely loyal bodyguard to Alexander Mayhew. Makiko may be small, but is very skillful in the martial arts.
    • Oddjob - In multiplayer, players can use Oddjob's hat as a one-shot kill attack, an advantage none of the other characters have. After the hat is used, it respawns in the player's inventory.


    • Paris Prelude
    • The Exchange
    • Alpine Escape
    • Enemies Vanquished
    • Double Cross
    • Night Shift
    • Chain Reaction
    • Phoenix Fire
    • Deep Descent
    • Island Infiltration
    • Countdown
    • Equinox


    Multiplayer modes include free-for-all and team deathmatch, territory control and assassination. Like many earlier Bond games, players can choose from a variety of themed weapon sets. In addition, matches may be played involving remote-controllable robotic vehicles or turrets.

    Playable Characters

    • James Bond
    • Dominique Paradise
    • Alura McCall
    • Raphael Drake
    • Makiko Hayashi
    • Armitage Rook
    • Ninja
    • Snow Guard
    • Yakuza
    • Black Ops
    • Phoenix Commando

    Unlockable Characters

    • Renard - Platinum Medal on Paris Prelude
    • Jaws - Silver Medal on Paris Prelude
    • Baron Samedi - Platinum Medal on The Exchange
    • Oddjob - Silver Medal on The Exchange
    • Max Zorin - Platinum Medal on Alpine Escape
    • May Day - Platinum Medal on Enemies Vanquished
    • Francisco Scaramanga - Silver Medal on Enemies Vanquished
    • Xenia Onatopp - Platinum Medal on Double Cross
    • Christmas Jones - Platinum Medal on Night Shift
    • Auric Goldfinger - Platinum Medal on Chain Reaction
    • Wai Lin - Silver Medal on Chain Reaction
    • Raphael Drake's Suit Look - Platinum Medal on Phoenix Fire
    • Electra King - Platinum Medal on Deep Descent
    • Nick Nack - Silver Medal on Deep Descent
    • James Bond's Tuxedo Look - Platinum Medal on Island Infiltration
    • Pussy Galore - Platinum Medal on Countdown
    • James Bond's Spacesuit Look - Platinum Medal on Equinox


    • Skyrail
    • Fort Knox
    • Snow Blind
    • Phoenix Base
    • Atlantis
    • Missile Silo
    • Sub Pen
    • Ravine


    The game received mixed reviews, scoring in the high 70s on average across console platforms. The PC version fared worse, coming in at the low 60s on average.

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements

    Processor: Pentium 3 - 500MHz or equivalent

    Memory:128 MB RAM

    Optical Drive: 8X CD-ROM

    Hard Drive Space: 675 MB

    DirectX: DirectX v8.1

    Recommended System Requirements

    Processor: Pentium 3 - 1GHz or equivalent

    Memory: 256 MB RAM


    Hard Drive Space: 1.4GB


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