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    The 03-AALIYAH is a Rayleonard NEXT model, it first appears in Armored Core 4 and later onto For Answer.

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    The 03-AALIYAH is one of the first NEXTs that appeared in the National Dismantlement War and used by many Rayleonard's LYNX. The NEXT consist as their flagship model, it was optimized with the use of the experiment Primal Armor and performs excellent in high speed combat. Some of the top LYNX in Armored Core 4, such as Berlioz and Anjou uses the 03-AALYAH Model, with minor weapon equipments. Although the 03-AALYAH is excellent in combat, the NEXT suffers from low AP durability, high energy consumption, and low precision aiming. After when Armored Core: for Answer came, only Shinkai and Hari are the only remaining users who still uses the 03-AALYAH Model.

    NEXT Schematic

    • Head: 03-AALIYAH/H
    • Core: 03-AALIYAH/C
    • Arms: 03-AALIYAH/A
    • Legs: 03-AALIYAH/L
    • Generator: 03-AALIYAH/G
    • Main Booster: 03-AALIYAH/M
    • Side Booster: 03-AALIYAH/S
    • Back Booster: 03-AALIYAH/B
    • Over Boost: 03-AALIYAH/O
    • Arm Unit R: Hitman MG*
    • Arm Unit L: Drangonslayer LB (Blade)*
    • Back Unit R: None*
    • Back Unit L: Tresor (Plasma Cannon)*
    • Shoulder Unit: None*
    • Hanger Unit R: None*
    • Hanger Unit L: None*
    *Note: The weapons are include in the starter kit for Armored Core 4/For Answer. The schematic itself does not included the weapons.

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