New 1 vs. 100!

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Today is the premiere of second season of 1 vs. 100! Looks a lot cleaner and larger.
It's buggier than the beta though. Good to relax after being nuked many times.
Oh yeah, achievements yo!

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Is this for the UK as well?

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You can check the game marketplace but it should be there.
EDIT: Probably now for UK and Repub. of Ireland according to Wiki.

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I played over 2 hours tonight, seems way less buggy to me.  Presentation is improved a little too, some new features...  Got 100 achievements.  The questions are much harder than the beta, and there's still too many damn entertainment industry questions.  Can't get that damn 12 streaker.  Hopefully the upcoming videogame question 1 vs 100 will give it to me.

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thats awesome. ima have to check it out, time to set some reminders
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is it free? i really enjoyed the beta over summer. I'm UK-based too. Is there any way to join games with friends? That was something I thought was missing before, but maybe I just didn't see it.
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