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    10-Yard Fight

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released 1983

    Originally released to arcades in 1983, Irem's 10-Yard Fight is an early and simplistic example of arcade-style football.

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    10-Yard Fight was originally released for the Arcade in Japan. Most people outside of Japan are most likely familiar with the Nintendo Entertainment System port; there was also an MSX port in Japan as well. New features were implemented such as the ability to to play both offense as well as defense. Another feature added was the 2 player versus mode where 2 players were able to duke it out against one another. The only problem with the 2 player mode is that the second player was given the A.I.'s powers such as in the single player game where the player could run through the main defensive line without being tackled as well as getting by with a few interceptions. Most players adapted to the unfair advantage by compromising certain gameplay elements.


    When the player starts up the game and choose the single player mode, they can go against different levels of intensity. From easiest to hardest, the list follows from high school, college, professional, playoffs, and Super Bowl. The game time lasts for 30 minutes total with an accelerated clock. If the player won the game when the 30 minutes were up, they would proceed to the next level of intensity. Players could play both offense and defense in the NES version of the game but they could not choose plays for either. Instead on offense the quarterback can hike the ball whenever he feels like his pulling receiver is in a good location. After hiking the ball the QB can either run the ball himself, lateral to a different runner who can then either run the ball or throw it to a receiver, or can just throw the ball to the receiver. On the defensive side of things, the player is given the option to control one of two possible line backers who can either go to tackle the person with the ball or attempt an interception by getting in the thrown balls path. The ball is always punted on 4th down, or if the player is in range they will automatically set up for a field goal on 4th down.

    Arcade Technical Specs

    • Hardware - Irem M-52 Hardware
    • Main CPU - Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)
    • Sound CPU - M6803 (@ 894.886 Khz)
    • Sound Chips - 2x AY8910 (@ 894.886 Khz), (2x) MSM5205 (@ 384 Khz)
    • Screen Orientation - Horizontal
    • Resolution - 256 x 240
    • Refresh Rate - 57 Hz
    • Palette Colors- 528
    • Players - 2
    • Buttons - 2
    • Joystick - 8 way

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