1000 A.D.

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    The primary location in Chrono Trigger. This is where Crono lives, and many of the events take place.

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    1000 A.D. is the primary time period in Chrono Trigger. It is the same setting as 600 A.D., but the locations are different and technology is more advanced. Whereas 600 A.D. is the medieval time period, 1000 A.D. is more of an industrial revolution. New technologies are being created, such as electricity, guns, radios, machines, and travel.

    This time period is home to a variety of locales, including four villages (Choras, Medina, Porre, and Truce), the Guardia Castle, and the homes of three of the game's playable protagonists (Crono, Lucca, and Marle).

    Some locations from 1000 A.D. make minor appearances in Chrono Cross. They are part of an alternate dimension in the Dead Sea which represent what would happen to the earth if Serge and his group fail to save the universe.


    • Choras - A small town located to the southeast, separate from the other villages in the town. This is where Cyrus' grave is located, as well as a grave to the west. 
    • Crono's House - The actual starting location of Chrono Trigger, Crono's House is home to both Crono and Crono's Mom. This is a two story building, consisting of a living room, kitchen, and Crono's bedroom.  
    • Fiona's Forest - This forest is the location of one of the game's pivotal scenes, and is inaccessible anywhere except for this scene. It takes place after one of the game's many side-quests, after the team is reunited with Robo. They all sit around the campfire, discussing the Entity, a possible explanation for the game's time travel events. This is also the only part of the game where a Red Gate appears, transporting Lucca into the past to potentially save her mother. 
    • Guardia Forest - Guardia Forest is a small forest leading to the entrance of Guardia Castle. It is the location of a Gate (to 2300 A.D.), as well as various enemies and items. 
    • Guardia Castle - The location where King Guardia XXXIII rules over the Kingdom of Guardia. In 1000 A.D., many things happen in Guardia Castle. It is the house of Marle (Princess Nadia), the aforementioned King, and the deceased Queen Aliza, as well as the supporting character, the Chancellor. The castle has a kitchen, a sleeping quarters (as well as private quarters for the princess and the king), a courtroom, and even a prison. 
    • Leene Square - The location of the Millennial Fair, this square was constructed in around 600 A.D., after the defeat of the Mystics. The events in the Millennial Fair actually determine the outcome of Crono's trial for the kidnapping of Marle. 
    • Heckran Cave - A pathway between Truca and Medina, this cave houses Heckran, one of Chrono Trigger's many bosses.  
    • Medina - The village of the Mystics, this is a much tamer representation of the previously antagonistic creatures. There are several buildings in this area, including a plaza with a statue praising Magus (the leader of the Mystics in 600 A.D.), residencies, a shop, an inn, and Melchior's Hut. 
    • Melchior's Hut - Melchior is the only human inhabitant of Medina. His house is where the player can forge the Masamune, a fabled sword of legendary power. His house is to the west in Medina, right next to Heckran Cave. 
    • Porre - A large city to the south on the main continent, Porre is a fairly standard village containing residencies, an inn, a shop, and a mansion for the mayor's family (which plays a part in one side-quest involving the recovery of the Sun Stone).  
    • Truce - The main town, and the starting location of the game. Choras is located on the northwest island, but is in the eastern part of that island. There are several residencies located here, including the homes of both Lucca and Crono, as well as a shop, an inn, and a dock.    

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