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    1000 Heroz

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 08, 2011

    An iOS game from the makers of Trials HD. Race from start to finish through a variety of ages and settings. With a new level each day, this game promises over two and a half years worth of playable content.

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    1000 Heroz is an action game developed and published by RedLynx for the iPhone and iPad platforms. Starting on September 9th, 2011, the game has introduced a new level and playable character every day. Each level is a two-dimensional platforming level, in which the player must run from the starting position to the right edge of the level as fast as possible, while avoiding various obstacles and gaps along the way. This is made trickier by the Trials-esque physics of the game, tilting and skewing the player character, causing them to slow down upon impact to objects or ground after a poor jump.

    Core concept

    The levels change once a day, and always come with a new character. By completing a level in under 60 seconds, the player gets one star. Two stars and three stars are also achievable, but require level-specific time requirements to be met. If the player achieves the wanted time, they will also receive that character's special item, derived from the description of that day's character. For example, the first character of the game, Noobius, had a description saying "The journey of a thousand days begins with a single step." His reward for completing the level in under the two-star time was a pair of Newbie Shoes, the description of which explains "Start off every day on the right foot." The rewards have since ranged from practical (such as hunting tools for hunters) to downright nasty (sexually implicit tools for nymphomaniac characters). The game features replay functions for the best run of any given level as well as the ability to replay old maps, suffice the player purchase the Pro-edition of the game in the App Store. The non-free version also gives the player the possibility to play the day's level over 10 times - the maximum amount of retries for free players.

    Level Design

    The levels in 1000 Heroz are obstacle courses. They can contain a variety of obstacles from loose rocks and large chunks of ice to massive boulders or giant windmills spinning in place in your path. They also include swings and bridges to help you cross large crevices. The first hundred levels feature more obstacles, but since the designers at RedLynx have opted to go for a more geographically-fueled obstacle course, making the levels hard by creating rocky hills or tight tunnels for the player to navigate.


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