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1001 Crystal Mazes Collection is a puzzle game developed and published by Teyon for the DSiWare platform.


Almost got it!
Almost got it!

The gameplay in 1001 Crystal Mazes Collection consists of pushing crystals around grid-based levels, attempting to put each crystal onto a colored square. When every crystal is on a colored square, the puzzle is completed. Crystals are only able to be pushed by moving into them, and it is possible to move a crystal up against a wall or into a corner, making the puzzle impossible to solve. There game does not notify the player if a move has made the puzzle impossible to solve. To help, buttons on the touch screen allow the player to easily undo (or redo) previous moves, or to completely reset the puzzle. The game breaks up each puzzle into differently labeled sets, such as "relaxing" or "diabolical". Any puzzle is able to be played at any time, and the game keeps track of which puzzles have been completed. The game also tracks how long the player takes on each level and records the times, allowing the player to go back and aim for a faster time on any puzzle.

The player's position in the level is represented by a coin with a male or female face on it, chosen by the player. The coin is moved with the directional pad, or by arrows on the touch screen.

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