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    100ft Robot Golf

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Oct 10, 2016

    The second game from Roundabout developers No Goblin, 100ft Robot Golf is a golf game where you play as impossibly large robots on their quest for par.

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    100ft Robot Golf is the second game from No Goblin, released October 10th, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

    The game features a story-based single player campaign and up to four player splitscreen or online multiplayer. Players can choose from a lineup of pilots and robots with different abilities and playstyles, customize their 100ft golf robots, and play in real time destruction golf or classic turn based robot golf action.

    Playable Characters

    • Vahni (voiced by Mica Burton) is the head of the Robot Golf Tour Association. She also runs Team Chimera and pilots a stylish golden robot called The Throne.
    • Max (voiced by Chandana Ekanayake) is Vahni's team partner. He shares a striking resemblance to Charles Maximilian from Roundabout. His robot is the Steel Horse, a platinum variant of Vahni's robot.
    • Suzume (voiced by Jane Ng) is a brilliant scientist and bio-engineer who grows golfing robots from scratch. She pilots Tarragon, a long necked custom biomech.
    • Mason (voiced by Adrian Finol) is a head in a jar. Before he lost his body, he was the relatively unknown fourth astronaut on the Apollo 11 mission.
    • Aveline and Uncle (voiced by Voidburger and Brad Muir) are two robot scientists recently fired from Future NASA. They pilot the recently renamed dual-pilot robot Liquid Steel.
    • Project C is five small dogs who pilot five dog robots that also form into one bigger golfing robot.
    • Ernie (voiced by Eric Pope) is a used vehicle salesman who also loves to robot golf. He drives Ol' Rustic Rusty, a robot made out of parts of a submarine, space shuttle and mining equipment.
    • Camilla (voiced by Glenda Sands) is a southern belle with a mechanical side. She pilots Sweet Tea, a pink robot with huge flames and too many exhaust pipes.
    • Jeffrey the Skeleton (voiced by Medibot) is a one hundred foot talking plastic skeleton.
    • Paula is the official Robot Golf Tour Association training robot. It runs on an extremely old version of AmigaOS.
    • Pierce Washington is a bonus character from Saints Row. He pilots the mech from Saints Row IV.

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