12 Is Better Than 6

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    Top down shooter.

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    12 is Better Than 6 - is a dynamic Top-Down Shooter on Wild West theme. The game is set in 1873, where you will play by the mexican man, who wanted everything and everywhere.


    The story about an escaped convict Juan, who has lost his memory and does not understand what is happening: his portrait adorns the streets of the city, he was haunted by bandits, bounty hunters and government. Trying to understand what is happening to the main character wrapped Indian tribes, fanatical Mormons, the Chinese miners. And everywhere waiting for him all sorts of trouble. In many games, the characters are worn all over the world, gathering himself for friends and allies. Wild West a - here, wandering the world, it is easier to amass a regular enemy. The story is linear and does not have choices, ending the game only one.


    The idea of ​​the game came in the early 2014. Development of the game took about one and a half years with long intervals at the beginning of development. A lot of time passed between the appearance of the prototype and maturing the idea that it can be done much more than he is.

    Full development in full-time began in May 2015, when the project won funding and publishing companies to Pinkapp and Nekki. The game has been developed on the engine Gamemaker: Studio.


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