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18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul is all about transporting cargo across North America in a truck. The game contains heavy realism and, as such, makes the player follow the rules of the road very carefully, handing out fines and sanctions for reckless driving or even for driving without rest for too long a period. There are two modes included in the game; Career, in which the player must take charge of their own vehicle and find jobs for themselves to make enough money to keep going, and Single Delivery, in which game concludes after the player has finished unloading their cargo.


Career Mode

Career Mode gives the player a truck and an amount of money which depends on the difficulty the player has chosen, as well as debts on the higher difficulties. They are then free to accept jobs from corporations, delivering cargo from one warehouse to another, all across North America. However, the player must keep an eye on their fuel gauge and submit to weight checks at various points along their journey. They must also be aware of the passing of time, as they will be fined if they drive for too long without rest. They are free to continue playing in this manner for as long as they want.

Single Delivery Mode

Single Delivery Mode is simpler than Career Mode in that, as the name suggests, the player only has to complete a single delivery in order to finish and complete the game. As they do not have to buy the cargo from the companies in order to take the job, the effects of fines as punishment are lessened. The only reasons the player needs money in Single Delivery Mode is to purchase fuel, pay for places to stay and as payment for repairs. Because of this, in shorter deliveries, money is hardly an issue at all.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP / Me / 98

Processor: Pentium 3

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Hard drive: 400 MB

Video Card: 16MB & Directx 8.1

Other: 16-bits Sound Card


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