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    25 to Life

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jan 17, 2006

    25 to Life is a third person shooter video game that allows players to play cops and robbers.

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    25 to Life is third-person shooter, released, Jan 27 2006 in North America, June 1 in Europe and June 7 in Australia.


    During gameplay players control the main character Freeze, but they are also able to control Shaun and Mendosa at certain times in the story. 25 To Life controls like most action crime third person shooters of the time, with the joystick for movement and various buttons for actions, e.g. shooting, running and taking cover.

    25 to Life also featured online gameplay that essentially devolved into cops vs. robbers. One group of participants would play as cops while the other group would play as criminals in gameplay scenarios that ranged from robbing a bank and getting away with the loot to raiding a criminal stronghold in a siege-like mode.


    The main character, Freeze, commits crimes with his friend Shaun, and in turn he spends his loot on his family.

    One day Freeze's wife confronts him about his criminal activities, telling him he needs to quit as she is worried his behaviour will be a corrupting influence on their son. Freeze agrees and informs his friend Shaun of his decision, after hearing this Shaun pulls put a gun and directs it at Freeze's head and orders him to do one last job.

    Freeze embarks on this final job where he is to take out a Columbian drug cartel, stealing their cash and drugs, but when Freeze arrives he finds the Columbians dead and a cop waiting. After fleeing Freeze loses the cops and decides to rob a bank, the cops arrive during the robbery and arrest him.

    Freeze escapes from incarceration and decides to hunt down Shaun and exact revenge for setting him up. After finding and killing Shaun Freeze fights to the death against the cops holding his son in his arms.


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