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    3 on 3 NHL Arcade

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Feb 05, 2009

    Big heads rule the ice in this fast-paced downloadable hockey game from EA.

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    The same development team that behind NHL 09 returns to the rink but with a radically different take on hockey.

    3 on 3 NHL Arcade is a simple and easy to play game. You really don't have to know anything about the game of hockey to be able to enjoy the game. After big hits, power-ups drop on the ice (for instance, super speed, faster shots or one that makes your opponents goalie tiny). It also features an easy to use control scheme.

    The online play is your usual 1-on-1 or  you and your friends can play on the same side and face-off vs random people online. There are the options to play unranked games and ranked games and play a friend , just like in past "official" NHL games. Offline options are limited to a quick play option against the CPU, there is no season mode. 
    On May 24, 2010, the game was moved into the Arcade Hits section of the Xbox Live Marketplace and its price was changed to 400 Microsoft Points.


    • Super Shot : Super Fast Shot That Clears A Path
    • Big Player : Makes your player HUGE!
    • Freeze: Freeze 1 opponent
    • Banana: Slip and Fall
    • Super Speed: Makes Your Player Skate Super Fast
    • Double Score: Two Goals For The Price Of One
    • Small Goalie: Shrink The Opponent's Goalie
    • Big Goalie: Big Saves From A Big Goalie


    Each of the 30 NHL teams are represented in the 40 man roster for the game while some teams (like Washington, Detroit and Montreal) are represented by multiple players.

    You can pick any three of the skaters (any combination of fast, all around or strong players) and one goalie per team. The division between player types is somewhat similar to the NES classic game; Ice Hockey, which featured a skinny guy (fast), a fat guy (strong) and a normal guy (all-around).

    Here are the players featured in the game:
     Is that blocker regulation size?
     Is that blocker regulation size?

    All Around Players:

    • Brad Boyes - St. Louis Blues
    • Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh Penguins
    • Shane Doan - Phoenix Coyotes
    • Marian Gaborik - Minnesota Wild
    • Mike Green - Washington Capitals
    • Dany Heatley - Ottawa Senators
    • Kristian Huselius - Columbus Blue Jackets
    • Jarome Iginla - Calgary Flames
    • Anze Kopitar - Los Angeles Kings
    • Ilya Kovalchuk - Atlanta Thrashers
    • Vincent Lecavalier - Tampa Bay Lightning
    • Alexander Ovechkin - Washington Capitals
    • Jeremy Roenick - San Jose Sharks
    • Jason Spezza - Ottawa Senators
     It's not a hockey sim, but the object is still to score goals on the other team.
     It's not a hockey sim, but the object is still to score goals on the other team.

    Fast Players:

    • Sean Avery - Dallas Stars
    • Daniel Briere - Philadelphia Flyers
    • Andrew Cogliano - Edmonton Oilers
    • Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit Red Wings
    • Patrick Kane - Chicago Blackhawks
    • Saku Koivu - Montreal Canadiens
    • Alexei Kovalev - Montreal Canadiens
    • Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh Penguins
    • Mike Modano - Dallas Stars
    • Eric Staal - Carolina Hurricanes
    • Joe Sakic - Colorado Avalanche
    • Jonathan Toews - Chicago Blackhawks
    • Thomas Vanek - Buffalo Sabres
    • Henrik Zetterberg - Detroit Red Wings
     Big heads and big hits.
     Big heads and big hits.

    Strong Players:

    • Nik Antropov - Toronto Maple Leafs
    • Zdeno Chara - Boston Bruins
    • Nathan Horton - Florida Panthers
    • Milan Lucic - Boston Bruins
    • Dion Phaneuf - Calgary Flames
    • Chris Pronger - Anaheim Ducks
    • Joe Thornton - San Jose Sharks
    • Shea Weber - Nashville Predators


    • Martin Brodeur - New Jersey Devils
    • Rick DiPietro - New York Islanders
    • Henrik Lundqvist - New York Rangers
    • Roberto Luongo - Vancouver Canucks

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