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Gravity Dash

Gravity dash is a puzzle platformer in which you can jump and flip gravity.  Using these two actions you must make your way through a 25 level campaign.  Gravity Dash plays similar to The Impossible Game in that you automatically move forward  and must avoid collisions with obstacles.  Luckily, levels are short so players can try them over and over without too much frustration.  The game is presented in a stylish minimalist look.  Falling snow and sparks coming off the block help the player determine the current gravity state.  The game also comes with a full feature level editor (the same editor was used to make the campaign levels). 
  • Twin Stick Shooter:  A basic twinstick shooter.  Four players battle increasingly difficult waves of enemies.  Supports multiple enemy types and powerups.
  • Fortuitous Fortune Cookie:  Replace the fortune teller app from MAPHD.  Randomly selects on of 40 fortunes and plays and all fortune cookie opening sound.
  • Super Button Mashing Bros:   Mash the 'A' button as fast as you can in singleplayer and multiplayer. 
  • Fantastic Flashlight:  (ALL NEW) Initially displays a very much needed epilepsy warning.  Then you can select from different colors and lighting styles (pulse, strobe, etc).  It's kind of stupid.
  • Arrow Panic:  In gameplay inspired by ChuChuRocket, you place arrows to guide hazards into enemy bases.  First, however, you have to collect money and bring it to  your base.  Placing arrows costs money, but removing them costs even more.  Additionally, arrows direct not only hazards, but also bombs so that helps out players who are in trouble.  So, there's a lot to think about in high level Arrow Panic play.  Supports 2-4 players.
  • Ultra Clock: Analog and digital clocks.
  • Masters of Memory: A 1-4 player Simon game in which you memorize the pattern and repeat it.
  • Omeg Calculator:  A four function calculator.
  • Ping:  Single Player lets you bounce the ball (which gets faster and faster) against the other side until you miss.  Multiplayer is standard pong. 
  •  Retro 80s graphic design focuses on rainbow colors and Atari-like box art.
  • Unified Menu System
  • Game/App state is stored so if you quit one game/app and enter into another then come back, it remembers.
  • 10 Music tracks that play in all apps
  • Supports Custom Soundtracks

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