Just got one of these for Christmas

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Got a 3DO for Christmas this year! Its a really cool system that I really didnt know anything about. The games I got for it are Wolfenstein 3D(Its really awesome, Doom( it really sucks), and The Need for Speed. I think the games are really cool and hope to collect more i the future. The 3DO I got was a Panasonic one with the front loading disc tray.

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Cool, even though I don't quite understand the nostalgia. Then again, some people don't understand collecting classic cars either! 
Pics please!

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ill try and get some pics up Monday, (working all weekend). It was cool to get one, I didnt really have any nostalgic feelings over it since I honestly didnt even know what it was when it was out originally. Its kind of cool though, I wasnt expecting a 90's gaming system to have an Svideo port on the back of it and everything.

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I got an Odyssey 2. It's nice to have people in your life who are willing to track down weird gaming junk.

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well its funny cuz the guy who got it for me thought it was an old CD player at first till he googled it :).

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