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    #41 Hornet

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    The iconic car from Sega's classic Daytona USA racing series. It is known for its speed, racing ability, and surprisingly its boxing prowess.

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    The #41 Hornet is the main car from the Daytona USA series of racing games developed by Sega. It appears with several different color schemes, but the most easily recognized one is the red and blue one. It has all-around balanced stats, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.

    The Hornet also appeared in the Sega Saturn fighting game Fighters Megamix as a playable character along side characters from both the Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers series and other Sega characters in general. The game also included a Daytona USA racetrack arena. The Hornet stood up on its back wheels and boxed with the front. It played like a Fighting Vipers character, which allowed you to knock its "armor" off and reveal its engine and other parts.

    Hornet makes a return in Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed as the traditional ground vehicle for the unlockable character AGES.


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