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It's Solitaire

Good Points: 

  • It has the three Windows Solitaire games: Freecell, Klondike, and Spider
  • There are tutorials for the Solitaire games (which helped me, because I didn't know how to play the other two)
  • You can save your game and resume it later
  • Since it's DSiWare, you always have it with you, no matter what Cartridge is in the DSi
Bad Points: 
  • The graphics are uninspired
  • The music is boring
  • Interface is a little clunky
Getting excited about a Solitaire is difficult, and I'm not excited about this one any more than I'm excited about a deck of cards. Will I use it? Yes I will! Why? Because it's solitaire, and I get bored. 
What could push this from a 4-star game to a 5-star game? Better graphics, a bit smoother interface, and the ability to listen to MP3s from my SD card. If it had those things I'd be willing to pay 800 DSiWare-space-credits for it.  
But, for only 200 points, this is a great buy.

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