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    65,000,000 B.C.

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    Also known as the Prehistory, this is the location where Ayla resides in Chrono Trigger. This location is also where Lavos originates.

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    65,000,000 B.C., also known as the Prehistory, is an era in Chrono Trigger. Crono and his party first discover this land while trying to find a shard of dreamstone in order to repair a legendary sword called the Masamune. Here, they meet Ayla (a cavewoman belonging to the Ioka Tribe), another playable character in the game. The era consists mainly of cavepeople (Ayla being one of them) who speak in stereotypical caveperson speak, and an intelligent race of reptile-like creatures known as Reptites (whose goal is to defeat the Ioka and Laruba Tribes and become the predominant species). 65,000,000 B.C. is also the date when Lavos comes to earth, wiping out the Reptites in the process.


    Forest Maze - The Forest Maze is a large jungle that surrounds the Reptite Lair, and it serves as an entry into the lair. It is full of monsters that attack Crono and his party to keep him from recovering the Gate Key, when it is stolen by Reptites. Many of the paths in the maze are camouflaged, making it difficult to navigate.
    Hunting Range - Another jungle which is located to the north of the Ioka Village, this location is an optional one which allows the party to gather Fangs, Horns, Petals, and Feathers (the four tradeable items among the cavepeople). There also appears an optional boss in the Hunting Range, a seemingly intelligent monster known as a Nu.
    Laruba Village - The Laruba Tribe lives in the Laruba Village. It is attacked during the events of the game, and burned to the ground (leaving just ruins). After exploring the Ocean Palace in 12,000 B.C., there is a Nu that appears in the ruins that can allow the player to change party members' names.
    Ioka Village - The village of the Ioka Tribe (of which Ayla is the chief) contains many things. There are places to trade, heal up (essentially like "inns," but an Ioka woman gives the party soup for free, instead), and a meeting ground, where the entire tribe has a feast the night Ayla makes friends with Crono and his party.
    Mystic Mountains - The Mystic Mountains are a mountain range to the southwest of the Ioka Village. This is the area that the party enters 65,000,000 B.C., as there is a Gate located off the edge of one of the cliffs. The mountains are covered in Reptites and other monsters when the party first comes, but Ayla manages to defend the group. The party can later reenter the Gate by jumping off the cliff.
    Dactyl Nest - The Dactyl Nest is a large mountain where the dinosaurs known as Dactyls live. They can be used for quick flight around the overworld, and can help the party fly over things such as water and trees. The Laruba Tribe primarily controls the Dactyls, but Ayla was granted access to them so that the group could raid Tyrano Lair.
    Reptite Lair - The Reptite Lair is the hiding place of the Reptites. Hidden within the Forest Maze, the Reptite Lair is a complex subterranean maze, with several passageways and holes to traverse them. In addition, the lair is crawling with Reptites. Crono and the party must fight Nizbel, a powerful Reptite, to get their Gate Key back.
    Tyrano Lair - The large dungeon where the leader of the Reptites, Azala, plans their strategies and commands the rest of the Reptites. The lair is located on a large mountain to the south of a huge field of lava. The Tyrano Lair is also where Crono and the party had to fight the Black Tyrano, a massive dinosaur that Azala commanded. Lavos later fell directly on top of the Tyrano Lair, forcing it to sink far underground, and essentially wiping the Reptite extinct.

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