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    8-4, Ltd.

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    A game localization and publishing company based in Shibuya that will be forever remembered for its peerless work on Fire Emblem: Awakening, Imagine: Make-up Artist and Petz Hamsterz Bunch. Named after the final level in Super Mario Bros (8-4).

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    Although their primary service is Japanese-to-English translation and localization, they have dabbled in other means to better re-appropriate games for Western tastes.

    • Voiceover Production
    • Gameplay/Story/Design Doc Consulting
    • J-to-E and E-to-J Interpretation
    • Editorial Content and Coordination
    • Event Planning and Coordination


    In 2015, 8-4 Ltd dipped their toes in the roaring seas of game publishing for the first time for console ports of Rogue Legacy. Their next publishing and port work was the PlayStation 4 port of independent darling Undertale, followed-up by a Nintendo Switch release in 2018.

    8-4 Play Podcast

    Video recording of episode 200 for the release of Monster Hunter World
    Video recording of episode 200 for the release of Monster Hunter World

    They host a fairly regular podcast where the crew primarily discusses the Japanese game industry, and culture. It is available at the official 8-4 website and was once hosted on 1UP. However since April 20, 2012, it has been hosted here on Giant Bomb.


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