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An explosives expert who owns various bomb shops throughout Liberty City. His first appearance came in Grand Theft Auto III where he and Claude escaped from a police convoy. He later had a big role in Grand Theft Auto Advance and appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He has both hands heavily bandaged due to burns he received. Some think he received these burns from hot fat being poured on his hands, while others believe it was caused by the Cartel ambushing him with flamethrowers (the true reason is not known).

Grand Theft Auto III: 8-Ball Missions

  • Give Me Liberty

Grand Theft Auto III: 8-Ball Other Mission Appearances

  • Mike Lips Last Lunch
  • Bomb Da Base

Advance: 8-Ball Missions

  • Twisted Metal
  • III Repute
  • Droppin' Bombs
  • Scorelli
  • Love Boat
  • Love of Money

Advance: 8-Ball Other Mission Appearances

  • Fake IDs
  • Getaway

Liberty City Stories: 8-Ball Missions

  • No Money, Mo'Problems
  • Bringing Down the House

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