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'89 Dennou Kyuusei Uranai is a fortune-telling game, one that uses various Eastern-style horoscopes and other fortune-telling processes in order to predict the player's destiny for the year 1989 based on their date of birth. The game itself was released in December 1988. As well as the cart, players received an almanac that they could use with the game.

Developers-for-hire Micronics were responsible for the game's framework, including the entirely inexplicable UFO cat creature seen on the box art and throughout the game.

One odd instance is the game's "love test", in which the player can input two different dates of birth and the game will predict the couple's compatibility. If the player inputs two males (or two females) the game pretends to crash, shows a same-gendered couple embracing and then informs the player they made an "incorrect input".

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