A couple guesses/observations going into the Safe end (Spoilers)

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I think one of the most fun parts of stories like this is taking stabs at where things are going. It can be really satisfying to guess what's coming, but equally as satisfying to laugh at how off you were. So here's a few things I've observed and some guesses as well. Up to this point I've seen Knife, Axe, and Sub endings.

- Really don't trust Ace. There was a line in the Cabin where he touched Junpei and then Junpei went blank or something for a little while. Possibly used the sedative on him? From the knife/axe endings, I know that Ace goes to the cabin where he sees the dead captain with the 0 bracelet. In knife, we see dead Lotus with no bracelet. 1+8+0 = 9. In the axe ending, before Clover goes berserk, we see Ace leading Lotus off away from the other members of the group, presumably to kill her and take her bracelet. In the sub ending, every damn one is dead, though Junpei never investigates the bodies. My guess is that Ace killed everyone and then wiped their blood on himself and posed with the other corpses.

-Ace and Santa mention starting off in numbered rooms. Which? Why do they never bring this up later?

-Who killed the Captain? My guess is whoever started in that room.

-Seems pretty apparent that the coffin in the little altar area houses that frozen mummy lady. There's that "All ICE" binder found in the cabin, and the book is full of hieroglyphics.

-Santa and his sister were probably prisoners of that Pharmaceutical company that Seven was investigating.

-I have no idea who Zero is or what the hell his plan was. I hope it's not terrible like Saw, though.

-Why kill Snake? Not really sure here, but my guess is that it has something to do with his heightened senses. Maybe he overhears something fishy or is able to recognize a smell on someone that is something that they wished to hide.

-I have a lot of little ideas about where things are going, but the overall plot is still a pretty big mystery to me. I'll hopefully have the game finished in another day or two. I must confess, I was down on the game for about the first hour. A lot of the narration bits are very poorly written. Really feels like intro to fiction writing material. That could just be a poor translation or a commitment to the original text. But I'm really loving how these mysteries just keep compounding.

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you're bang on with some stuff. way off with others :). between the safe ending and the true ending your entire world is going to be flipped. also I think the numbered doors everyone started in were on the d deck that got flooded... they are different numbered doors than the ones you are proceeding through.

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Having just recently seen the true ending, MAN YOU HAVE NO IDEA MAN

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Some of these guesses would be pretty good if they were a about a game that wasn't written by a crazy person. The sheer dumbness (in the best way) of the way the story wraps up makes solving those same puzzles over and over again totally worth it.

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Some of the true ending comes completely out of left-field. There are definitely parts you can infer from the other endings but I don't think it's possible to guess the majority of what's really happening in 999.

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Yeah, some of those observations are astute but as others have said you'll still be surprised by the time you reach the true ending. Looking forward to your reaction.

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Oh my God. I'm about 2/3 of the way through safe and they seem to be setting up the idea that the people in the nonary game are test subjects in order to evolve human telepathy. Fuck, I'm so on board.

Also, they might have been hinting at the exit being in the room you start out in. If that's the case, then I'm going to be all kinds of thrilled. Fuck this is getting so good. Can't wait to play VLR now.

And wild ass speculation time: June's fever? Is she that fucking mummy? If her blood was all ice then she'd be running a fever in normal temperatures. Fuck. But her and Junpei have a past together, don't they? What the fuck? Man, this story is why I love Japan.


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