"Answers" now up on the official site (spoilers obviously)

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On the official 999 site, the creator of the game answers some questions and ties up some of the loose ends regarding the story. 
There are questions regarding the process of creating the game, and some that dive into the actual plot. 
It is quite lengthy, and a pretty good read if you are a fan of the game. 

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What are the heights of each character? What are the measurements for the female characters? (bust/waist/hips)

FINALLY, A LIGHT QUESTION! Unfortunately, I'm sorry... I didn't really give the characters specific atributes like that. All I know is that Lotus has big boobs. That's for sure. She used to live in Silicon Valley, but her boobs are not filled with silicon. They are ALL NATURAL.
Welp, there goes my questions.    
 Kidding aside, those answers were pretty intriguing. I definitely understand the game a lot better now.  

How did Clover know that the number discovered from the "Truth is Gone" riddle was for the safe in the piano room behind Door 5? She did not go through Door 5 and none of the 3 people who went through Door 5 told her about it. Also, is there any significance for the 8 digit combination number for the coffin?
She found a note Kagechika Musashidou had written when he was alive in the captain's room. She learned about the safe in the piano room from him. As far as the meaning behind the numbers, I haven't really told anyone in any other interviews, so I'm going to make this just between us. If you take the number 14383421 and multiply it by 9, you get 129450789. What do all those numbers mean? I'll leave that up to your interpretation.   
Thats pretty cool. 
I love how he wants to do a sequel to 999, and he hints that Akane and Aoi have much larger plans. I really hope their game does well enough to support a followup game. Akane is a pretty fascinating character, and would love to follow her on journeys.

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