Before going far into VLR, I want to see if I get 999 (spoilers)

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As convoluted as the true ending is, I think I finally have a relatively clear understanding of what happened. Or at least I think I do, that's why I'm checking to see if I'm completely missing something.

So if my understanding is correct:

There was the first Nonary Game, held by a pharmaceutical company, trying to tap into the morphogenetic field/the Force/Harry Potter magic. At the end of that game, Akane gets tossed into an oven and forced to do a sudoku puzzle. She doesn't know how to do sudoku puzzles, but she's able to finish it by watching Junpei do it in the future. And because her survival of the game depends on something that hadn't happened yet, and potentially might not happen, Akane and Aoi arrange the second Nonary Game to make sure that Junpei is at the right place at the right time in order to prevent time and space from flipping itself inside out or whatever. Also, a mummy lady (maybe).

Does that cover most of the bases?

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@BBAlpert: I wouldn't say its all that convoluted, you just need to re-play and such to help understand. But all-in-all you get what was going down, although i believe hongou lied to the company about the game saying he would make it better but REALLY wanted to investigate morphogenetic fields to cure himself or something (can't remember), but this is all minor stuff that isn't all that important for going into VLR. as long as you know the true end details and character stuff you're cool.

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