I have the worst luck.(spoilers)

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I managed to get 3 bad endings in a row.This happens in every game or book where you can choose your path. <_<
I got the knife ending first,Sub second and the axe third.The Axe ending really got me,I thought I had triggered a better path by giving clover the bookmark but nooooo
She had to get all psycho and kill almost everyone just because her brother had ate it,then she tricked me into thinking we're gonna escape together :V.
I can't wait to get the rest of the endings and learn the truth.
P.S Ace is a jerk for stabbing me and Lotus. 

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Yeah, I got the sub ending twice, pretty frustrating, but the true/safe ending are fantastic.

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It's really worth getting all the bad endings first. 
It makes the true ending that much more satisfying.

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@LordXavierBritish said:
" It's really worth getting all the bad endings first.  It makes the true ending that much more satisfying. "
@Lemoncookie01: The Axe was the bad ending that shocked me the most (compared to knife and sub) just because I absolutely loved Clover as a character along with the way the picture of her hand with the axe combined that *THWACK* is just really brutal!
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Getting the bad endings motivated me to get the true ending.
The Knife ending was shocking because I was not expecting it at all, and I started a new game the next night just to find out who stabbed me.

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Also, obligatory music: 

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Each time i got more and more depressed. I got the knife ending first and i was shocked, just because it happened out of nowhere. Next i got the sub ending which was the most depressing of them all...Junpei was a broken man at that point. My next one was axe which kind of made me laugh (by that point i was expecting bad shit to happen lol).

It seems like i went through all the doors i could (minus door 9 ofcourse). I think im gonna look at a walkthrough (spoiler free of course:P) to look at the other two endings.

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