This might just be the scariest game I've ever played

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Maybe scary isn't the right word, but I definitely felt frightened after beating it.
I finished it tonight for the second time, and the endings I've gotten so far were:

Both were completely unexpected, and only make me want to play the game again. 
I'm wondering how the others who have played this game felt about it. 
By the way, please put any plot info in spoiler tags, if you're going to post. I still have a lot of information I want to find out about on my own, so please don't spoil it for me.
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Scary is probably not the right word, but it's definitely tense and very suspenseful. 
Sucks your first ending were horrible ones, but at least you haven't lost motivation to keep on playing. I felt the True end was completely worth the tragicness of those two endings. 
I was literally on the edge of my seat for most of those endings.

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All I can say without giving out spoilers.
The best has yet to come.

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I'm not sure I would define it as scary, but the bad endings are horrifying (in a good way). And the music that plays in the background when you get a bad ending - brrrrrr.

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@eldiax: Oh I'm sorry, do you mean THIS ONE?! 
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#6 Posted by eldiax (648 posts) -
@ESREVER: YES THAT'S THE ONE. I'm getting chills down my spine by just listening :S
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#7 Posted by fazzle (348 posts) -
@ESREVER:  Oh god I hate you so much for posting that music.   So many flashbacks.  I've got the urge to play the game again now.
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Maybe not scary, but at one point I made the mistake of trying to visualize

with all of the details the game describes, and that was a good way to make myself feel ill. So in that respect it can be a bit horrifying.
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@CaLe said:
" This game isn't scary. It's intriguing but not scary. I admit I was a little shocked when I got one of the bad endings though. Play Amnesia: The Dark Descent if you want a scary game. "
I personally found 999 to be more tense then Amnesia.

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