True Ending's ending is truly a let-down? (Spoiler!)

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#1 Posted by Morien (191 posts) -
So I just finished 999's "True Ending" and I have a few things to say about it, and I was wondering what you guys thought if you cared to reply.   First I gotta say I enjoyed the game, all six times I played through it.  Even if the first puzzle got a little repetitive, and it's 
a shame you can't skip puzzle's you've done previously because they are mixed in with dialog that changes, it was still fun to see that dialog change when I changed an answer from before.  So on to my little rant, I'll just try to make it quick. 
1.  I didn't understand how Junpei was able to communicate with June from 9 years past to save her from being incinerated.  Didn't she just finish explaining how her ability to use the morphogenetic fields was like a river, and could only flow into the future, and not the past? 
    Then how was Junpei able to send the solution of the puzzle to June 9 years ago?  I could understand her talking to him, but the other way around?  Doesn't make sense to me. 
2.  Did Junpei and June finally meet up again?  This is left unknown, and I feel it was a big let-down because the whole ending basically builds up this hope that these two life-long lovers will meet again and live happily ever after.  However, you never find out, because of 
    what they decided to throw in at the very end which bothered me the most... 
3.  What the hell were they thinking by throwing in princess Amen-Ra as the last thing you see?  This bothered me so much that it lead me to actually make a  post about the ending, and I'll even break it down: 
    a)  She was built up as this mysterious "All-ice" character and yet never revealed or discovered by the player, had no real effect on the story other than adding some suspense, and was just thrown in at the end in some sort of horrible plot twist ending. 
    b)  What in the world is she doing at the Arizona complex?  I can't figure out who decided it was logical to think that whoever had her body would put it in a replica of a boat which was used for experiments, especially because her body or possible curse was never used! 
          Yeah I understand that in the desert she could thaw out since her melting point was 96 degrees or whatever, but seriously, that is too much of a stretch for me to think she even belongs there. 
    c)  Who decided to draw the princess with her thumb sticking out?  How am I supposed to believe that a princess who was entombed centuries ago would know how to hitch-hike?  This was like icing on the cake.  "Guys listen! We need to put the princess in the story 
          somewhere or people might feel like we left her out!  I know, we'll put her right at the end of the game, waiting to be picked up!  Yeah that sounds great!  Draw her sticking her thumb out because someone is bound to drive to this one spot in the desert and find her!" 
Well that's all I can think of right now.  I enjoyed the ending pretty much all the way up to the point where they try and involve the princess in a really stupid and shallow fashion. 
What are your thoughts? 
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#2 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

I'm fairly certain Alice's presence there at the end is just for the giggles. Meaning it has no tie to the actual story.  
What I wanted to know was who stabbed everyone in the bad endings of 5&6. And why was there a submarine.

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#3 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -

I loved the true ending. It requires a bit of thinking on the player's part (I have my own theories as to what happened, most of them probably don't make much sense :P). 
@ESREVER said:

" I'm fairly certain Alice's presence there at the end is just for the giggles. Meaning it has no tie to the actual story.  What I wanted to know was who stabbed everyone in the bad endings of 5&6. And why was there a submarine. "
The submarine ending was the most confusing of them all. It's the only ending I didn't like.
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#4 Posted by mutha3 (5050 posts) -

 1. I don't think Junpei "sent" anything, he just understood that Akane was seeing through his eyes right now(which she was)
 and experiencing the same things he did. If he solved the puzzle, she would see it too even though she's the one sending the signal.
3.I really wouldn't take that so seriously if I was you. I don't think that was intended as anything but a lighthearted wink at the player for one of the game's red herrings.
Lotus' bracelet was gone and they didn't check ace for a pulse.
It was Ace.

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#5 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -
@mutha3: Ace would make the most sense, given his backstory. So he pretended to dead on the stairs when he heard Junpei, Lotus, and Seven coming. Then snuck up on them while they were in that submarine room. Why the hell was that room even there? It was never used again, I don't think. 
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@ESREVER: I guess it was built as an alternate escape route in the gigantic? Or, even more likely, it was part of some weird-ass puzzle which would get them a Uranus key.
The Nonary game is built in a way that no matter which path you take, you eventually end up at door 9. I'm sure if Junpei would have been able to open the hatch of that thing without being stabbed in the back, he'd find something like that.
@ESREVER said:
" @mutha3: Ace would make the most sense, given his backstory.  "

It had to be Ace. Who else would have use for Lotus' bracelet?
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#7 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5919 posts) -
@mutha3: I came to that conclusion after getting the true ending. 
But still, it was definitely misleading. It didn't fit in as well as the rest of the endings did.
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#8 Posted by Kear (112 posts) -

I just finished the "true ending", and right now I think it was good.   
The 2 way communication between Akane and Junpei didn't bother be, since they are working with a set of rules they don't really understand, there's no more reason for the river analogy for morphowhatever fields to be any more accurate than a new "two way river" analogy.   
Jumpy and Akane never met up again in the ending I saw, and yeah, I would like to know, but the game ends where it does, I'm of the opinion that Akane's alive and they will defenitly see each other again.   

The big one is of course the princess.  Maybe she knew about hitchiking from morphogenic fields?  I thought it was a little jokey, the game has a wierd sense of humor throughout.  I'm wondering if somehow she was doing over thousand of years what Akane did over nine, if somehow she was using morphogenic fields to bring herself back to life, or make sure she doesn't die.  I wish I could read that book with the hyroglyphics.   
I laughed at the ending, then felt a little bit ripped off  by it, but I'm liking it the more I think about it, and I will think about it more.

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I haven't sorted out my interpretation into words yet but I'm leaning towards something with multiple dimensions and cross-chatter via morphogenic fields.   May I suggest a scene from one of my favorite movies to help explain...:


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I loved the true ending! While I would've liked to see a scene where Akane and Junpei are reunited, it was heavily implied so it didn't bother me. And about Alice - I interpreted that as a joke the moment I saw that scene. The submarine ending is horrifying, and I'm not 100% sure it was Ace. It could've been Ace playing dead, but I feel it could've been Cap too. The drugs would wear off and he had an axe with him. Also, in the submarine ending nobody goes through the door number 1 IIRC, so Ace couldn't kill him.

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This game reminded me of a choose your own adventure book through and through. 
Remembering those books, the "best" ending always had some weird development at the end or some cheesy event. 
The fact that this game ended that way just made me smile. Of course it was going to end like that. 
There was a Q&A session with the creator that is going to be translated soon, answering questions like the character's real names and who the killer is in the Sub ending.

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I just got the final ending, I liked it. The final scene with Alice was funny I though, at first I thought it was Lotus (even though she was in the SUV) then I realized who it was and thought it was great. 
I feel it's kind of obvious That Junpei and Akane would meet up again, what I wanted to know is what happened to Akane when she just suddenly disappeared from the Incinerator. 

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#14 Posted by BeachThunder (14579 posts) -

@ShadowVirus said:

I feel it's kind of obvious That Junpei and Akane would meet up again

According to the creator, they don't D:

Junpei goes on the spend to rest of his life chasing after her.

@ShadowVirus said:

what I wanted to know is what happened to Akane when she just suddenly disappeared from the Incinerator.

In the second nonary game? She didn't just disappear, she snuck out with Santa:

The current Akane/June snuck out while Junpei and the rest weren't looking. Akane disappeared before the door was locked.

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