A Ressha de Ikou MD

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Apr 10, 1992

    Players must use their managerial skills to build successful train routes and help a small city grow into a thriving, economic powerhouse.

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    A Ressha de Ikou MD ("Take the A-Train MD") is a train and business simulation game exclusive to the Japanese Mega Drive. It is an entry in Artdink's A Ressha de Ikou/A-Train franchise developed specifically for the system, taking aspects from both A Ressha de Ikou 2 (released in the west as Railroad Empire) and A Ressha de Ikou 3 (released in the west as A-Train).

    Players control an entire town's transit activity and are tasked with boosting the city's economy. This can be accomplished by building stations and stops during the day, and setting up individual train schedules at night. As the player's routes become more successful and more used, buildings and communities will start to spring up around the map, which in turn will allow the player to build more tracks and stations.

    The game offers five unique scenarios for play, including: a tutorial for new players, three intermediate scenarios for more skilled users, and an advanced mode for veteran players.


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