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A young child dies. The child's spirit attempts to become one with the light, but is not able to compete with the speed of light. By collecting orbs, the child's spirit can slow the speed of light, eventually allowing for their ascension into the light.


The player moves around to collect orbs scattered around the environment. With every orb collected, the speed of light is slowed. As the speed of light slows, the player is able to experience phenomena related to relativity. Such as the Doppler effect, as related to light acting as a wave, whereupon the player is capable of experience wavelengths of light outside of the normal human range of perception visually. Upon collecting all 100 orbs, the game allows the player to experience the effects of time dilation and Lorentz' transformatio.Upon completion the game also offers succinct descriptions of the phenomena experienced.

Open Source Engine

The game's tool-set (openrelativity) has been released as a free download through the MIT Media Lab's Site.

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