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If you don't like or don't even know Ayumi Hamasaki, Ayu for the fans, you'll see no interest in this product.

Why ? Cecause the main interest of the game lies in the opportunity to view excerpts of her concert at Tokyo Dome Tour 2001, where she performed several of her most famous songs (Never ever, Vogue, Trauma, Evolution and A song for XX ...).

But you will not watch the concert stupidly, doing nothing !

You can change the viewing angle according to the different cameras you have at your disposal and insert funny visual effects.

Depending on the timing of the song, the cameras and the visual effects available change.

For example, you play the director and you place the cameras more or less close to Ayumi, add glitter at the end of the arm to pretty trails of light when she claps her hands, etc. ...

Game modes

Ayu-Mix Studio :

Are you familiar with Dance Ejay ®, a software for creating music on PC ? Ayu-Mix Studio is somewhat similar to this software, but much more limited and simplified. You first choose beetween two titles of the singer, "Endless Sorrow" or "Unite!", both in remixed version.

The game then offers you a choice of several audio samples from different styles (Drums, Bass, Synth, Vocals, Chorus) and you can play with these samples while the song flows to create your own remix .

Ayu Browser :

It's a web browser with a "super futuristic design" and decorated with some Ayumi's pics. You also have a management function of your email (receiving and sending emails).

You will understand, Ayumi Hamasaki Visual Mix really is only for absolute fans and collectors of the beautiful singer.

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