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World of Keflings: The Curse of the Zombiesaurus Review 0

Well NinjaBee just couldn't give us one DLC for the month they had to do two, and the second of the two is The Curse of the Zombiesaurus. In this DLC you'll have to go to a much more dark and mysterious land and help save a princess that has been kidnapped by an evil Zombiesaurus. You quickly find out the the lord of the land is the very man you have to blame for the monster, but apparently even he was no match for the monster as not only did it kidnap the princess but it also destroy all of th...

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World of Keflings: Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice Review 0

It has definitely been a while since last I tried to reign over the keflings and have them harvest, build, and merrily dance around for me, but I have to say that the game hasn't lost any of its enjoyment for me. The new DLC is Sugar, Spice, and Not So Nice. You will be able to choose a new game that will take you straight to a land filled with Cotton Candy trees, a hot caramel flowing lack, a chocolate volcano and more. This time you'll have to battle against an evil Wizard that is trying to t...

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It's more of the same 0

Did you play A Kingdom for Keflings? Well, they fixed some of the flaws with the original, like the slow-down, but basically this game is just more of the same. And that's not a bad thing.   This time there are multiple worlds for your giant avatar to explore, but there's just one main world. The other two worlds are small and don't offer a whole lot to do. But, all in all, this is the same game as the first. And, if you played through the first one, you'll probably rip right through this one, a...

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A World of Keflings Review 0

          A World of Keflings is the sequel to A Kingdom of Keflings one of the first XBLA Games to add-in avatar support. On a related note, A Kingdom of Keflings also has made its way to the PC semi-recently, but–obviously–without the avatar support. The game, World of Keflings, starts off with you freeing yourself from an iceberg along with a few keflings. You are then introduced to kefskimos, one of three different races of harvesters from three different lands. Early...

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