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World of Keflings: The Curse of the Zombiesaurus Review

Well NinjaBee just couldn't give us one DLC for the month they had to do two, and the second of the two is The Curse of the Zombiesaurus. In this DLC you'll have to go to a much more dark and mysterious land and help save a princess that has been kidnapped by an evil Zombiesaurus. You quickly find out the the lord of the land is the very man you have to blame for the monster, but apparently even he was no match for the monster as not only did it kidnap the princess but it also destroy all of the town save one building. It is this one building that will help you rebuild the city and ultimately take on the Zombiesaurus.

Graphically I have to say that the look and feel of this DLC was much more up my alley. I loved seeing the Kefling spirits drifting in the water surrounding the land which is actually a huge skull. I really enjoyed the evil trees that I had to cut down, the ghosts I had to shear, the graves I had to dig up. This was the perfect DLC to have right before Halloween.

The sounds of the game didn't change very much, but when its not broke don't fix it, though I really do wish that there was a little bit more variety to their mumbles.

The controls didn't change.

So for me this was the DLC that I was looking forward to the most. This is the kind of thing I was really hoping would have come out soon after the game released, but even though the wait was a bit long at the end of the day I'm still very glad that I got to play this game. I got to deal with a witch, a frankenstein-esque monster, a vampire, a character from the past (don't want spoil it for you, but the dude's a pretty dim individual). You'll also get to have zombie Keflings and Scarecrows do your bidding. Word of advice on the scarecrows, though, make sure what they are doing is far between, if its not they start moving so fast you won't be able to pick them up well. There still was not enough variety in the building tree, but I did feel like all the buildings did take more resources and the land was shaped just odd enough to really cause some design thoughts to come into play. Even though this DLC did take just over 2 hours, which sadly was one sitting, this was a DLC that I wouldn't mind replaying to do it all again. Sure there was some forced moments like making use of the Engraver, but at the end of the day I enjoyed the DLC and felt accomplished.

If you are a Kefling fan looking for some DLC to bring in the Halloween season you have to get this. It's not overly scary but it does have that old school monster vibe to it that all can enjoy. So I guess with no further adieu I should probably just give you a score the this DLC, and I have to give it an 8.8 out of 10.


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