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Aaron is encountered in two forms throughout Undying. First, his ghost, which appears as a semi-transparent version of the way he looked in life, is commonly seen floating throughout the Covenant Estate. Although he can interact with physical objects, such as books, he is completely impervious to any of Patrick Galloway's weapons or spells. However, he is likewise unable to injure or bother Galloway in any way except vocally. He is most often seen searching rooms for a vaguely-defined important item, and making snide comments about Patrick when he is in the area.

The second form is Aaron's rotting corpse, which is found chained up in what appears to be a torture chamber deep underground. A vision of this version of Aaron appears very early on in the story, acting as a harmless, though startling, jump scare for the player. In the ultimate confrontation with Aaron, his ghost possesses his carcass, re-animating it as an undead monstrosity, using the chains and hooks impaled through his rotting flesh as weapons so he can kill Galloway personally. This backfires on him in a major way; since he is connected to a physical body, Galloway is finally able to "kill" him using the Scythe of the Celt.

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