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    Aaron Kaufman

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    A former well respected Community Manager of Command and Conquer, now working for THQ's UFC series of games.

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    Aaron Kauffman is a well known Community Manager who started working for EA's Command and Conquer series of games. His first official act as a community manager was to get Zero Hour patched to 1.03, however, his first game he officially was CM for was Battle For Middle Earth. He played an insturmental role in building a fan base for Battle for Middle Earth and its sequel, and played an even more pivotal role when the long awaited Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars was announced, and he was tasked with forwarding community opinions to better the game. This was especially important during balance patches or if a glitch was detected. He is also known for hosting his own segment during Battlecast Primetime, known as "Apoc's Corner," in which he highlighted multiple aspects of the Command and Conquer community, especially mods. Additionally, he used to host his own blog on the Command and Conquer 3 site, but this was removed with the coming of the site redesign in 2008.
    He is well known for frequenting the Command and Conquer and GameReplay forums, and maintaining a twitter under EA_Apoc (now known as OfficialCNC) and the Official Facebook Command and Conquer page. He also ran the C&C newsletter that was sent to subscribers.
    Apoc's defining traits were his amazing love for the Command and Conquer franchise and knowledge of the lore. He wrote the unit dossiers on the Red Alert 3 and Command and Conquer 4 sites, and always appeared wearing some sort of Command and Conquer shirt, additionally, his set for BCPT, his "corner," was littered with Command and Conquer gear and games, including multiple posters, games, and figurines. He also ran multiple contests giving away free swag, including the weekly "caption this" contests. 
    For the duration of RA3's developement, he was also joined by Jeff "2Poc" Suhr who assisted in maintaining some of the newsletters, map spotlights, and site updates. He also made some guest appearances on Apoc's corner.
    In late May of 2010, he officially announced his resignation. This was due to personal reasons he did not disclose. His resignation was left with deep remorse from the fans, who had grown a tremendous amount of respect for him.
    Later, he began working for THQ's UFC and WWE series, in which he now is known as "Tank," and he has been credited with bringing a patch for UFC.

    Personal Life

    Aaron lives in Los Angelos, and graduated from UCSD. He's also currently engaged. 

    Fun Facts

    • Aaron originally took his forum name, Apoc, from the "Apoc Tank," which was a massive tank from the Red Alert series, known for the ability to litteraly run over other tanks. 
    • He is known in the UFC community as "Tank," if you combine that with his C&C name, "Apoc," you get "Apoc Tank." 
    • 2Poc, his assitant CM, takes his name from Apoc's, additionally, there were other "Poc's" that served briefly. 
    • Aaron's moderation team on the C&C boards was known as "Apoc's Army." 
    • His Command and Conquer 3 statistics currently stand as: 0 Wins, 1 Loss, this is due to him being defeated on a BCPT Main Event by CommanderT, one of the mods. 
    • Aaron was constantly called "short" by Raj Joshi during various episodes of BCPT, however, that could be because Raj is apparently actually quite tall.  
    • Aaron's first act as a Command and Conquer CM was to bring a patch, and apparently, that's also what his first act as a UFC CM has been. 
    • Aaron's slogan during his time as C&C CM was "Every Day is Community Day" which he would usually sign off letters with, and his farewell forum post was also signed off with such. 
    • Aaron is apparently really bad with "long winded goodbyes" and actually posted a few times after resigning. 
    • A popular name during C&C4's naming contest was noticeably "Apoc's Pink Pony Wars" which became a community joke, it was actually photo shopped, and was apparently on his farewell cake.

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