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    A recurring enemy wrestler from the Streets of Rage series. Resembles an old WWF wrestler.

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    Amongst the similarities between Final Fight and Streets of Rage there is the fact that each features an enemy modeled after a famous professional wrestler. While Final Fight's Andore probably has the finer pedigree in taking inspiration from Andre the Giant, Sega's Ultimate Warrior knock-off has the advantage of looking vicious and aggressive while the Andore family usually don't look particularly interested in fighting(or indeed, anything at all).

    Abadede is a boss character who appears in both the first and second Streets of Rage games, taking the heroes on at the beach and in an underground arena respectively, then returning in the games' final levels for a rematch. As an opponent, Abadede is adept at grappling, can break free of all holds and barrages (except a few of Max's), and has a high-speed charge and body splash. However, in the first game, he could only charge and throw.


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