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Abomination plays out like similar squad based strategy games such as the X-Com series or Incubation. The player is in charge of preventing the city in which the game takes place to be overrun by fanatic cultists and their gang of mutants. The game is divided in two seperate interface sections. The first, the tactical city map lets you manage your heroes, the squad and examine the city for incidents which call for your attention. The missions are random generated. The game does have a plotline which slowly unfolds, yet the sequence and type of missions is different each time you play. The mission types vary slightly, yet play out quite similar. Usually, killing all the mutants and cultists is the best way to go, sometimes you are needed to find a specific object or kill a specific MOB. The missions are the second part of the game, they play out in a real-time / turn-based hybrid. In general terms, that means as long as no enemies are close you can move around freely and the game switches to a t urn-based mode that gives you a limited amounf of action points should any enemies be in proximity.

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