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Abomination Review

In the wake of X-Com, Abomination was another squad based game pitting a bunch of good guys against demented mutants (not aliens). The game lacks X-Com's oozing atmosphere and theme though, but is fun to play nonetheless. The game features a weird system of being half turn based and half real time, which cannot be explained and I have played the game and still do not really know what is going on sometimes.

Nevertheless, the game features a non-linear, random campaign mode which X-Com didn't (at least not to that extent) which is a plus and makes this game more fun.

The various avatars are uniquely distinguised by various superpowers such as inhuman strenght or a power shield which is a nice approach, although it takes some time to figure out, who does what and what is it good for in the first place. The graphics are flashy and not for everyone, they are way more cartoony and comic book style than the old school gfx of X-Com.    

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