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    An abomination is either the result of a demon possessing a living human or elf, or a undead flesh construct made from corpses sewn together.

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    Dragon Age

    An abomination is either the result of a demon possessing a living human or elf. Mages are most commonly the ones unfortunate enough to be possessed, as they draw their magic from the Fade . The ritual of Harrowing  used by the Circle of Magi also results in abominations time and again. While it is theoretically possible to free someone who has been possessed, it has never been done, mostly because of t he risk involved in such an attempt—it is much safer to utterly destroy the creature.
     Dragon   Age Abomination
     Dragon Age Abomination


    Abominations are undead , ogre-like creatures, mounds of corpses cobbled together. A green-brown haze surrounds them and the stomach-churning stench is pestilent. Their guts spill from a jagged gap in their stomach, and flies buzz about it, feasting. Three disproportionate, arm-like limbs emerge from their bloated body, two bearing bloody cleavers, and the other a thick chain with a hook on the end. Their tongues are thick and round and dangle from between crooked, yellow teeth. 
     Warcraft  Abomination
     Warcraft Abomination

    Mass Effect 2

    Abominations are related to Husk (cybernetic zombie-like creatures), but are on fire and behave like suicide bombers.
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