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    An underwater exploration game from Giant Squid.

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    Abzû is an adventure game developed by Giant Squid and published by 505 Games for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Players control a scuba diver who is tasked with exploring aquatic ecosystems and interacting peacefully with the creatures inhabiting those environments.


    The game places heavy emphases on exploring aquatic environments filled with beautiful and varied sea life, and interacting with those environments and the creatures that live there. The game progression is rather linear but there is an open world to explore within each environment the player visits. Journeying through underwater caverns, coral reef formations and oceanic abysses players can observe creatures and their predatory habits. The player can hold onto some of the larger wildlife and go along for a ride, some will even breach the surface with the player attached.

    Each environment has a variety of objects to interact with aside from the sea life. Players can collect hidden nautilus shells, leading to a reward if all are found. There are also coral reef portals which when activated release a new species into the environment. The player can also encounter meditation statues and enter a mediation state, changing to a camera that follows the various sea creatures and allows the player to observe their behaviors up close. There are also downed submersible drones to be discovered, these drones follow the player around and aid progression by removing obstacles blocking paths.


    Composed and Produced by Austin Wintory. Soundtrack is available throuh digital download or physical CD copy.

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    1To Know, Water01:58
    2Heaven was not named01:28
    3Seriola lalandi03:16
    4And the Earth did not yet bear a name02:51
    5Delphinus delphis04:51
    6No field was formed01:51
    7Caranx ignobilis02:10
    8Myliobatis aquila03:30
    9No destinies ordained02:08
    10Balaenoptera musculus03:57
    12Chaos, the mother04:52
    13Arandaspis prionotolepis04:19
    14Elasmosaurus platyurus03:22
    15Ichthyosaurus communis02:01
    16Osteoglossum bicirrhosum01:15
    17Their waters were mingled togethe10:13
    18Then were created the gods in the midst of Heaven03:49

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